Best Hair Tips

1.     For ridding hair of static – take a dryer sheet and run it over your hair. Not only does this remove the cling, but it also leaves hair smelling fresh.

2.     Focus conditioner at the tips of your hair. The ends are what need conditioning the most, and this helps with volume and keeping hair from getting greasy sooner.

3.     Wash hair every other day. Daily washing strip the scalp and hair of its natural oils, which actually damages and dries hair out.

4.     Use dry shampoo to absorb some of the excess oils between washes. The oil in the hair is what weighs it down and leads to the greasy look. Using dry shampoo to absorb the oil, removes it from the hair but not the scalp.

5.     Use sea salt spray to add texture and volume to your hair. The added texture also helps hair hold different styles including braids and curls.

6.     Use a heat protectant before applying any sort of heat to your hair. Too much heat can weaken hair and lead to damage, dryness and possible color loss.

7.      Use a dry conditioner to rehydrate hair between normal hair washing.

8.     Wearing hair up while sleeping at night helps you to avoid tangles and knots.

9.     Before jumping in the pool, wet your hair with regular water. This makes the hair less prone to absorbing the chlorine from the pool.

10.Add volume at the roots by blow drying hair upside down. 

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