Hair Styles

Standard Braid – Formed when the hair is divided into three equal sections, which are then woven together as hair from the side sections cross over the section in the middle in an alternating pattern.

French Braid – This braid begins with three small sections of hair near the top of one’s head. Gradually, more hair is added to each of the initial three sections. The process of crossing the side strands over the middle strand in an alternating manner forms the braid. The French braid has a sleeker appearance and is able to incorporate hair with differing layer lengths.

Lace Braid – It is similar to a French braid, but hair is added only from one side instead of both.

Dutch Braid – Also known as an inverted French braid. Instead of weaving the right and left strands over the middle section, in the Dutch braid the side strands are woven underneath the middle. This results in a braid that is on top of the hair.

Fishtail Braid – Resembles the French braid with it’s smooth woven appearance, but instead of using three strands, this braid is created using only two sections of hair.

Upside down French Braid Bun – Instead of the braid starting at the crown of the head it begins at the nape of the neck and continues two-thirds up the back of the head. Then the braid is secured and tied in a bun.

Top Knot /Ballerina Bun - a bun that is formed at the top of the head. Often sleek and polished, but can also be messy, depending on the desired look.

Coiled Bun – This is a bun formed from a ponytail that is twisted until it coils around itself and the loose ends are tucked underneath the coiled structure.

High Ponytail – Hair is gathered at the top of one’s head and pulled completely through a hair tie so that the end is left to resemble a horse’s tail.

Braided Brooch – This is created with a small French braid on the side of one’s head. The tail end of the braid is pinned up in looping around the top half of the braid, while the rest of the hair is left down.

The Knotted Updo – This updo is formed by tying loose knots in a chain starting at the top of one’s head, continuing down the length of the hair. The end of the knotted strand is then looped back and wrapped into a bun at the nape of the neck.

Chignon – A hairstyle characterized by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck or back of the head.

Waterfall Braid – To create the waterfall braid the process begins with three small strands as if it was a French braid. However, instead of continuing with the original three strands, after weaving the three together for one segment of the braid, the last strand is dropped. A new third strands is picked up next to the dropped section of hair, and this process is continued as the braid grows.

The braided top bun – This hairstyle begins with a high ponytail that is then braided. The braid is then placed in a circle on the top of one’s head and secured in place.

Hair Bow – Starting with hair in a loop bun – a ponytail that is not pulled all of the way out of a hair tie– that is then split in half. The remaining part of the tail is pulled up between the two halves of the bun to create a bow. 

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