Tips For a Good Fashion Blog

1. Choosing The Correct Platform.
It is essential to find a platform that is simple to use and doesn't require a lot of time and prior knowledge to get started 

2. Define Your Content
It can change over the years, but be sure to have the same perspective throughout these changes. A perspective can be combining beautiful photographs with your own take on beauty, fashion, interior design, food, clothes, etc.

3. Selecting The "Right Name"
A lot of the time, success can be attributed to the name of your blog. Without even seeing the content in your blog, the name can resonate with your audience and build an instant liking. This name can convert fans into super fans!

4. Web Design

This can be tricky as a lot of us don't possess HTML and coding knowledge as second nature. Taking the time to watch YouTube videos and read books can take you a LONG way

5.A Collection of Great Photos

Having a friend who works as a freelance photographer is key. Or just a friend/boyfriend/mom/dad/sister/brother/pet who is willing to take pictures of you at any point in time. 


It is important to to attend any networking and digital media events as possible. Not only can you get your name out there, but you can meet other bloggers, pick their brain, give/get advice and all grow together. A support system is key.


Collaborating is a HUGE benefit to both parties because it serves as a win-win to get both your and their name exposure. Teaming up to do product giveaways and just tagging a brand in your photos can pay off in the long run and help both gain followers


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