Uses For Custom Hair Ties

1. Charity Events: Custom hair ties are great for charities because they can serve as reminder as to what the supported cause is and can be sold for donations. With that, the hair ties can help raise awareness by serving as conversation piece or be passed along to family & friends

2. Sports Teams: Custom hair ties are great for sports teams because they can help boost team morale and bring the team together as a unit. Great to show spirit and form team synergy.

3. Sororities: Custom hair ties are perfect for sororities specifically for exchanges, big & little reveal, bid day, chapter events, retreats, fundraising and philanthropy events. Perfect for Greek letters as well! 

4. High Schools: Custom hair ties are ideal for high schools because they can provide unity for all students and faculty members. The custom hair ties can also be sold at home games and other school events. Easiest way to show your spirit!

5. College Campuses: Custom hair ties are a great fit for college campuses because you can show your pride for your university on your wrist. This unites all the the different clubs, organizations, and sports teams on campus by having a uniform way of showing spirit.

6. Special Interest Clubs: Custom hair ties are good for clubs/organizations of any type because it can help each member create a bond with one another and a reminder as to what it is they love and dedicate their free time to. This creates a sense of belonging.

7. Marathons & Runs: Custom hair ties are a great match for marathons and runs because they can serve as both a ponytail holder and wrist accessory for the runner. Typically it is a big accomplishment to complete these marathons and requires a lot of training, so having this positive reminder is valuable to the participant. 

8. Fitness Studios: Custom Hair Ties are great for private fitness studios such as Yoga & Pilates because they can double as a hair tie and can be sold in the studio along with other branded merchandise. Commonly, there is a fee to be a member of these studios and the studi-goers are proud to be a part of it and therefore want others to know 

9. Gyms: Large gyms do well with custom hair ties because there are countless times members come in to work out and realize they have left a hair tie at home. With big bowls of ties, it can be easy to make sales and also branding for each tie.

10. Bachelorette Weekends: Custom hair ties are extra fun for bachelorette weekends because they can be worn by each member of the group and help signify that the group as a whole is celebrating the bride to be. They are the perfect keepsake for the weekend.

11. Weddings: Custom Hair Ties make great wedding gifts from the bride and groom for each guest to take home as a memory of the special day. Recently, hashtags have been used at weddings in order to label each picture taken and associate it with the event. Printing the hashtag to use serves as both a reminder and a gift to guests.

12. Hair Salons: Custom hair ties are perfect for salons because they can be sold at the front desk and help boost product sales. With unique branding to the salon, these hair ties will make great marketing material and can serve as a reminder for guests to come visit their stylist! 

13. Boutiques: Custom hair ties and boutiques make a great match because they are a simple "impulse buy" having a smaller ticket price than the rest of the boutique's items. They serve as solid marketing material and can help spread the word of the store! 

14. Spas: Custom hair ties fit perfectly in with spas because a lot of the time it is nice to put your hair up while receiving a treatment. These can double as a helpful tool to enhance your spa experience and be a great giveaway to help market the spa to friends and family.

15. Concerts: Concerts are a great fit for custom hair ties because they serve as awesome memorabilia for the event at a lower price point. Commonly tshirts are sold with inflated prices. Custom hair ties are more affordable and may be worn more often than tshirts. 

16. Festivals: Festivals both large and small are great events to sell custom hair ties for. The hair ties last longer than any wrist band would, and can take wearers back to that special weekend they had while listening to great live music 

17. Nightcllubs/Day Clubs: With so many amazing clubs being promoted, it's hard to be memorable. Typically all that's left on your wrist from a night club is a stamp. Custom hair ties would serve as great promotional material and a hot item to market with.

18. Family Reunion: Family Reunions can be few and far between and such a special occasion must be remembered. Custom hair ties can be a great addition to family reunion t-shirts. What is special about custom hair ties for a reunion is that the date can be printed on them to help remember this cherished time.

19. Birthday Parties: Custom hair ties would make either  a great gift or goodie bag stuffer. Once again, the date is key and can be kept as a cute wrist accessory to remember the date of the special day.

20. Friend Groups: Custom hair ties are perfect for groups of friends because each girl can have one and feel a part of an "exclusive" mini club. If the friend group has a name, that can be printed on the tie or a nickname for each member of the friend group

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