The Importance of Being a Campus Rep.

Campus reps/brand ambassadorships have grown to be a popular role for Millennials. Brand ambassador campus programs have their benefits: free company good, connections to the brand, experience for your resume and of course the right to brag by saying you represent at a particular well-known company.

However, these are simply the surface "gains" a student might experience before truly embracing and setting off on the journey as a campus rep/brand ambassador.


Here are a few of the main functions of being a campus representative:

  • Being a positive representation of the brand both online and in person 
  • Serving as the liaison between your campus and the brand
  • Absolutely loving the brand and their mission
  • Facilitating the brand in connecting and selling their products to your campus/your demographic

With that being said, there are some "MUSTS" included in being a campus rep:

  1. Product Knowledge: In order to help sell products, you must KNOW about the product. Educate yourself on what the brand is doing, how they're growing, and what benefits the product has on those who buy.
  2. Love the product:This is not a learned skill, it's something you must possess inside of you. If you don't love and believe in the product you are selling/representing, why would a student want to buy from you? Put yourself in the prospect's shoes, would YOU want to buy the product yourself?
  3. Communication: You are the "sales person" on your campus for the brand you represent. You must talk to your peers about the product. Understand the pros of the product and be able to answer any questions that students may have. Also, keeping up to date on the brand and the direction the company is going is HUGE!
  4. Social Media: This is a huge chunk of the work a campus rep does. This is the place where most students are at the same time. The more you know about social media and the tools your peers are using online, the better you will be able to reach and connect with them. 
  5. Marketing/Advertising:This is so very important to the campus rep role because you have to know how to market your product and make it stand out above the rest. You have to be creative and find different ways to connect your product to students and give them a reason to buy from YOU. 

If you are looking to find that one interest/brand/hobby/lifestyle/movement you can use as a creative outlet, you should definitely look into potential campus reps/brand ambassador programs on your campus. If one that strikes your interest doesn't exist, create one! Be the first to bring a brand to your school!

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