About 6D hair ties

6D Hair Ties currently specializes in handmade lace and elastic hair ties. Using these materials, we are able to offer a product that is kind to your hair and a stylish accessory to wear.  Our hair ties are fully customizable, you can upload your own logo, text, or design.

To us, 6D Hair Ties is more than a brand; it is a lifestyle. We work every day to be a sustainable, trend-conscious and charitable company.  Everything is proudly made in the USA and we partner with USA based charities to give back.  Every purchase provides support to our charity partners.


6D Hair Ties was started by Amy Fausset out of her apartment in San Diego in early 2013.  With the help of family and friends, and the emotional support of her dogs, the company has grown into the number one custom hair tie company in the world.


Amy has always had a passion for the startup community and has a background in design, online marketing, and SEO.  Upon graduation from California Lutheran University, she landed her first job as the Marketing Director for Tower Paddle Boards.  Owner and mentor, Stephan Aarstol, was featured on the second season of ABC’s Shark Tank and struck a deal with Mark Cuban to purchase 30% of the company, which lead to an overnight surge in sales activity and an invaluable experience assisting in the management of the explosive growth.   


After two years of working with Tower Paddle Boards, Amy decided to start her own company, 6D Hair Ties.  With the knowledge she gained from working with Stephan, a $100 Etsy gift card to purchase materials, a stack of business books, and a computer, she launched a new company at 24 years old.  Amy spent an entire week, with little to no sleep, designing the logo, building the website, working on a business plan, ordering shipping supplies, and most importantly, cutting fold over elastic and tying it to make her first batch of hair ties.  On the night of February 17, 2013 the website went live and on February 18, 2013 at 6:02 am, Amy woke up to an alert on her phone that the first order was placed. 


As 6D Hair Ties grew from a product to a brand, it was time to develop a more detailed marketing strategy.  The first order of business was the marketing budget. Amy decided on a $0 budget (something she learned from Stephan at Tower Paddle Boards).  She did all of the SEO work herself with no paid ads, no marketing or public relations firm, but hundreds of hours on her laptop creating the infrastructure to slowly climb up the search engine ladder.  Ultimately, with only organic traffic, Amy still managed to get her company ranked number one on the search engines.


The company grew fast with daily inbound requests from store owners, a steady stream of custom hair tie requests, press, and more. Luckily, Amy has amazing family and friends to help.  6D Fashion Group, LLC is now headquartered in Los Angeles.  Amy still does all of the marketing herself, tie dyes hair ties with her Mom, seeks out business advice from her Dad, designs custom hair ties with her fiancé, and handles all of the customer service herself.  


In less than three years, 6D Hair Ties has accumulated over 15,000 online customers and has made custom hair ties for hundreds of high profile brands including Roxy, Equinox, Pantene, Volcom, Neff, Madewell, Elizabeth and James, Mikoh, and ESPN W. In addition, 6D Hair Ties has partnered with Zazzle, the largest online custom goods retailer, as their exclusive hair tie provider.  6D Hair Ties has also been featured on E! News, Bravo, Shape Magazine,, and Betches Love This, as well as numerous fashion blogs and online magazines. 


Amy and the 6D Hair Ties team could not have done this without their amazing customers and community.  

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